Online Personal Training Software

Online Personal Training Software

Strength Metrix is an online personal training software that is targeted toward personal trainers who need a platform to help their clients. We want to make it easy for you and your client to be able to communicate quickly and effectively. We provide everything you will need to make your relationship as client and trainer work as smoothly and effectively as possible.

We hope you can trust us to make working with your client a smooth and worry-free task. At Strength Metrix, we have a passion for strength, health, and fitness. We know you are too and we want nothing more than for your clients also to become as passionate as we are.

How did Strength Metrix start?

Strength Metrix was founded by Erick Minor, and he is the current CEO. Erick Minor is a personal trainer and strength coach who has different areas of expertise, such as fat loss and muscle hypertrophy. He has competed in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strongman. He is experienced when it comes to knowing what makes a body lose fat and gain muscle.

Erick has trained many professional athletes and athletes from different sports. He has mastered the ability to create programs that are easy to follow and will help get someone in fantastic shape. His programs are designed to reduce the possibility of physical injury and are efficient at helping people lose fat and gain muscle in a short amount of time as possible.

Erick’s knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology, nutrition supplementation and over 22 years of experience makes him a trustworthy source of health, fitness, and nutrition. He knows what it takes to become fit and break the limits of what the human body is capable of doing. He created this online personal training software so that people will be able to start their fitness journey.

What kind of certifications does the founder of Strength Metrix have?

Erick Minor, the founder and CEO of Strength Metrix, is a certified personal trainer. He is a Poliquin Biosignature practitioner level 2, which means that he can measure hormones to find out if there is a hormonal imbalance that is causing you to hold on to fat, have low energy, and sleep poorly. He is also a sports performance coach and a nutrition and lifestyle coach. He has a certification in ranging functional conditioning and is a certified massage therapist with advanced training.

Erick has all of the necessary knowledge to start a program like this one. I am sure this will give you the peace of mind that you need in knowing that you will not be wasting your time using someone’s program who does not know anything about fitness and personal training.

Strength Metrix is the ideal choice for trainers to bring their clients and train them to become more athletic, lose fat, gain muscle, and be overall a much healthier person. This program will help you transform the lives of your clients and will help them achieve a better quality of life and become a much happier and efficient person.

Online Personal Training Software

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