Personal Trainer Client Tracking App

Personal Trainer Client Tracking App

At Strength Metrix, we are dedicated to providing personal trainers the ability to connect and track their clients with an easy to use the app. Strength Metrix is a personal trainer client tracking app that helps trainers track the progress of their clients online. This is helpful because it lets the trainer know if the workouts are being effective or if they should change anything to start seeing progress.

It is also helpful for the client to see their progress because it can give them the motivation to keep going. Sometimes it is hard for a client to notice a change in their bodies because they are looking at themselves in a mirror every single day, but when they are seeing their progress happening in the form of numbers and measurements, it helps to reassure them that their hard work is paying off and motivates them to keep working.

How helpful is it to track fitness progress?

Tracking fitness progress is extremely helpful because receiving feedback makes for better results. Having feedback, especially positive feedback, gives a person a reason to keep going. Of course, there is a possibility for the client to receive negative feedback but having you as a trainer also tracking their progress is helpful because you can figure out what the problem is and work together to find a solution.

Some people choose to track their progress by using only the numbers they see on the scale, this can be useful, but it is also essential to track how their body is changing with measurements. This can give someone a better idea of how much fat they are losing and how much muscle they are gaining. Tracking all of those together gives the client and their trainer a good idea of the progress that is being made.

It is also important to remember that checking your weight on the scale or measuring every day can also be harmful. Checking too frequently can be discouraging because the scale and measurements are unlikely to change much on a day to day basis. It can also fluctuate up and down daily, so this does not give you a good idea on progress. Checking weekly, or a few times a month is much more helpful and will give someone a much better idea on the progress they are making.

Is it helpful to track food or calories?

Yes, tracking food and calories can be helpful because it helps give you an overall idea of how good your nutrition is. You can also see if you are eating sufficient calories or eating too many. Many people do not realize how many calories they are consuming, and if you are working for a calorie deficit or surplus, it is important to track them.

After you give yourself an idea of how many calories you consume on a daily, you can stop tracking every day. It is easy to become obsessive over food tracking, we once you give yourself an idea of the calories you consume, it may be best to stop tracking.

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