Custom Hvac work shirts

Custom Hvac work shirts

HVAC uniforms do not fall into the category of fashionable wear. They also do not fall into the Blue-steel approved wear because they do not always include hard boots and hats. The goal of the attire is to enable functionality and maintain a decent marketing goal. Companies that understand the importance of custom HVAC work shirts will hire a tailoring and design company that gives the firm a better stance among its competitors.

Choosing the company’s t-shirt colors

Dull colors

There is a whole study with the dedication to understanding the psychology of color and its effects on consumer behavior. One reasoning perspective is that HVAC work shirts should have a color that is dull enough to contain all the grime and grease that accompanies the job. An HVAC company that prioritizes the upkeep of its appearance should pick a dark color to conceal dirt marks.

Adding the logo to dull colors

Do you notice anything odd about adding your company’s cartoon image to a dark-colored t-shirt? The drawing appears faded and is usually fixable with an inverting technology. Inverting switches the images from positive to negative. Our graphic design team will add a thin white line to define the edge and customize other minute aspects to make the drawing or logo stand out.

Limited vs. full color

Custom HVAC work shirts usually have color choices that match the company’s description. Typically, the more color there is on a work shirt, the more the client will absorb the brand’s impression.

The only notable change in using a large color image is that it will cost more than inserting a small logo. Additionally, adding too many cartoons to your company’s work clothes will reduce professional appeal. A good design company will match the logo and graphics colors with the shirt’s color to create a natural attraction that looks good on everyone’s attire.

Safety colors

HVAC workers that work on heavy-duty projects will benefit from wearing colors that are easy to notice. The most common high visibility colors are fluorescent, also known as a neon day glow. A safety orange color is also standard because it is bright and highly visible from a distance. Consider asking the design company to add reflective stripes to increase the safety trifecta.


Custom HVAC work shirts should be durable, soft, and light to wear. They should also not appear disheveled after a few hours of working a scene or getting to the site. Revi Wear understands which fabric will project a professional image and maintain a low budget maintenance routine. Book a consultation to learn about all the high-performance fabric in our store and their budgetary brackets.


The shirt’s cuffs should be strong enough to increase comfortability. The cuff and collar should have two-ply folding with professional stitching. A tight stitching pattern is a good character of quality that will maintain the fabric’s hold when you pull the seam apart. The threads should be secure enough without pulling on the fabric’s threads.


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Custom Hvac work shirts

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